Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Walkin' in a Water Wonderland!

This past weekend I took all the kids at Chisomo (the centre for street children that I work with) to this water park here in Lusaka called Adventure City for a little Christmas Shindig. And oh, what an adventure we had! We had a blast!!

Here is part of the gang...there were about 44 youth in total.
They have a couple pretty sweet slides
Masters of Flipping!

This picture cracks me up. There was a football field quite a ways from the slides and pools and these tubes are in high demand so out of nowhere I see Danny and Anna walking across the field in their tubes, sure not to loose these precious gems!
The adventure continued as one of our mini buses blew a tire on the way home and we found this pair of glasses in the mud on the side of the road while we were waiting for the tire to be fixed.

There ain't no party like a Chisomo party cause a Chisomo party don't stop!!

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