Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh Tannenbaum!

Susan found a spectacular 180cm Christmas tree for cheap...we soon realized why so cheap...Shannon in her newest Christmas Sweater, handcrafted in Zambia
Susan, the tree hunter
And here we discover the problem that both parts of the tree have the same sized "trunk" so it couldn't fit together...

A variety of attempt were made to rectify the situation including whittling a stick. Not sure how we thought that skinny little twig would hold up the tree but desperate times called for desperate whittling.
Somethings not quite right
We found an old piece of pipe in the yard that we molded to fit. Ever since then there has been this water leak in the bathroom, I don't know why...
The finishing touch...
Our star was a bit to much for our little tree
And there you have it. Christmas in Zambia.


Ruth said...

Shannon, Charlie Brown trees rock, they're the best....just like you. Blessings and merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Your tree looks a lot like ours...except we had a bare spot right in the middle...we quickly filled it with ornaments...and ttaaadaaa...the Eby Christmas tree!!
I do admit YOURS looked better!!
So glad you found a tree.

love you
The Ebys