Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stitch me up, Buttercup!

This day marked another milestone in my Afrikan Adventure...the world of medical care! I had a small incident with an unfriendly jungle cat, or an unfriendly kitchen knife if you will, and sliced my left opposable thumb open. They say the first cut is the deepest...baby, do I know!Here I am at the clinic...I believe here I had just squirted blood all over Dr. Joseph while he tried to clean it.
Like Beth from Little Women..."I can be brave, too!"
Dr. Joseph working his magic
The opposable thumb, all stitched up with no place to go
Shannon and Dr. Joseph,
Thumbs up for stitches in Africa!

All I can say is at least I didn't fry my foot in a George Foreman grill.


Anonymous said...

EW! nasty. grossy josie!! i cant believe you!! at least the stitches are vibrant blue, almost a panic! at the disco blue... i made my mom look at the stitch picture in large size and she almost puked! hahahaha. quite frankly, i dont feel so hot myself right now.. hehe. dont let little bugs crawl in there shanny! get well soon!!! i wish that i could have predicted this so i could have sent you a sympathy card on this very day it happened! maybe a singing one where the song would be "lean on me" hahahaha. i can picture it now. maybe ill have one made by the time you get back here! peace, joy, love and tim,

Anonymous said...

if you ever need volunteers for "team member of the week" im up for grabs ;)

Anonymous said...

oh, that was me, bits!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!!! Good thing you called me before you posted this. I guess you won't be playing guitar for a little bit. Be safe is right!! I have been dethroned.


Madibelle said...

it kind of looks like it was sewn on crooked!!! did you ask him to do that so your battle wound would be even better!!
love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey there
Never a dull moment!!!
And never a dull knife it seems!!
So glad you got it safely sewn back on.
Take care and be SAFE
Eby's from the Stoke

Ruth said...

I suppose your left side will never be the same!!! My left side pointer finger had 8 stiches this summer. I don't like being shown up so thanks for keeping it down to 3.

Anonymous said...

It's JOE!! Cool thumb! I recently acquired 3 stitches aswell. Yours look much cooler though. Even if you just go by the part of the world in which you are situated. Rock on. (Careful hitchin' for rides...)