Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Great Mouse Adventure

On my mission to eat weird and gross things here in Zambia, I believe I have come across number 1 on my list so far. With caterpillar and a whole chicken head firmly under my best (or more on my hips you could say) I successfully ate my first mouse...fir, tail, legs, insides and all. I left only the teeth! It actually tasted pretty good!The before and was quite well done

Mmmm, this mouse tastes yummy!


Dana said...

Oh, Shannon. Well, with your last couple posts, I'm pretty sure you've scared off any vegetarian readers that you might have had.

Loo said...

ew! you did not just do that! haha! you're the bravest person i know!

Edward S said...

Shannon! I want to try it next time! :)