Friday, March 16, 2007

I Saw the Sign...

This city has some pretty scoucom signs I must say. Here are a couple of my favorite...This is a sign for the "Miss Intellect" Pagaent...or should I say "Scholarship program"...I only hope one day I could be in the running to be crowned Miss Intellect 2008
You don't know how many times I've asked myself: "I wonder where I could find some gud tings that look gud too?"...and then BAM! I find this shop! How creepy is that?!
I'm not exactly sure on which word is the magical word in shopping...but I do know they have "simply the best in meat"
Here is the local car wash and hair salon
Here are a couple of the girls that we give rides to from school down our road. The other day we had about 15 people crammed into the truck while listening to "Bicycle" by Queen.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these signs. I had a good laugh, which was really needed today! Particularly liked the Gud Tings store and the Hair Salon. I wonder if they sell franchises?

Anonymous said...


Well, we just wanted to let you know that flowers aren't always red. Sometimes frogs jump higher than kangaroos, depending on whether they're in a liquid or dry environment. We adored your photo of the power outage - you look rad! Oh, don't forget: "Eu preciso de um marido urgentemente!" Anyways, we're soooo excited that you decided to go to Bolivia! We have a poem for you:

Humpdee Dumpdee !
Don't leebeedee!
Hee Hee Lee Lee!
Was macht Sie?
Chuh Chuh Luh Luh!
Bang Bang Bong!
This is my only song.

I know, it's impressive.

We love you, Shalom!

Triple A's from the Brazil Hut

Anonymous said...

Hey girlfriend!! In my books you are already Miss Intellectual....always have been. Mmmmhmmh. I almost thought that was you in the middle of the 2 other girls....I'm sure your tan is almost up to that color....yah? SOOOOOOOO missing you!


Loo said...

hey shani! you're awesome! i love those signs. reminds me of the ones i saw in korea! just so random, eh! makes me laugh! miss you!