Sunday, October 29, 2006

I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious...

This one goes out to all the "Napoleon Dynamite" fans out there who can really appreciate the geeky beauty of the character Kip...and my creepy rendition of him. I dressed up for our Youth "pumpkin night" as Kip and thought I'd share it with you. That's me on the right and the real Kip on the left incase you were confused...the similarities disturbing, I know! But I won best in show and got a big bag of smarties!! All I need now is to get some "Glamour shots by Deb" and I'm set. "Do you have some sort of vest I could put on?"
One last one just to creep you right on out!


Anonymous said...

That side profile is extra creepy!

Anonymous said...

That is insane how much you look like that picture! Very creepy!

Loo said...

wowsers man. you win the prize for best dressed that's for sure. HANDS DOWN!! i am so impressed. me and brea were laughing so hard!!
good work girlie!!!

Sam and Becky said...

Holy crap...I thought the top two pictures were the real Kip and the bottom one was you...till I read the blurb...craziness!!
You make a pretty hot Kip!! I'd say you took him to the next level!
You deserved the Smarties :0)

stephanie iseko said...

You are great, Shan, that is hilarious, I love it. P.S. I love your site- your are going to have to tutor me when you get here!