Monday, August 06, 2012

Moose on the Loose...

I ran to the window and what did I see?  A mama moose and her babies staring at me.  And such is life in Alaska where on your trailer doorstep you find these big ol' mammals.  Now, although they look a little goofy and and quite adorable it's best not to get too close, despite what Bullwinkle has taught us (and Joey from Full House).  These can be some dangerous animals, especially when you get between a mother and her mooselettes (that's the scientific latin word for moose babies).   

These flowers are delicious.  Make sure to eat all your stems, son.

You got a little something in your teeth.  How embarrassing.


Katie said...

wow, that's incredible! great photos Shannon; keep blogging! I'm loving the updates, and I think your trailer is very romantic :)

Shannon said...

Katie! I knew if I posted on here I could find you! My faithful blog reader.