Monday, April 13, 2009

Together: A song for Mike and Stephanie

The beginning of 2009 also marked the beginning of Mike and Stephanie Hawbaker. Steph and I traveled to Zambia together for the first time in 2004 with a team from Trinity Western University. Then in 2007 we reunited in Zambia where we were "hutmates" for six months while working with Action Zambia until she left for a new adventure in the bush of Southern Zambia. A little place called Sinazongwe.

Enter Mike. Before his arrival all we were told was that he was a single, mechanic from Kansas. Being we were in Africa and entertainment options were scarce we took to envisioning just what he might be. This would include a grease monkey, who always wore coveralls, a bandanna, and a leather jacket...the kind with tassels hanging from the arms. Turns out this wasn't quite the case but it was fun while it lasted.

Long story short. Mike met Stephanie. Mike fell for Stephanie. Stephanie was initially unsure about Mike. Mike was always sure about Stephanie. Stephanie freaked out. Stephanie figured it out. Mike and Stephanie fell in love. Mike and Stephanie got married. And this is the song, "Together", that I wrote for them and sang at their reception.

(click on the little arrow below to play)


Katie said...

Shannon, once again you have amazed me!!!! that song rocks! you are SO funny :)
what's this I hear about you saying farewell to Bakerview? they're lost without you!!!

penner_andrea said...

Shannon, Shannon, Shannon, you are SO talented in SO many area, I can't keep track! What a wonderful song and gift for your friends! I loved it! We are truly going to miss you around here, but can't wait to keep up with your Ontario adventure! said...

I love that song! What a turn around for Stephanie! It made me smile and think about the very beginning for them. I hope you are well. Drop me an email sometime and let us know what is going on in your life!