Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mariner Monday Madness!!

Nothing says "Happy BC Day" like going down to the United States of America to watch a baseball game! And so that's what we did. I took a troop from youth and beyond to Seattle in our big church van (which I am now licensed to drive...look out!). It was "Celebrate Japanese Baseball Night" so we all got free hats that said "Mariners" in Japanese. It was a great game. They were playing the Minnesota Twins (don't ya know) and Seattle was down 6-1 in the 7th inning when another baseball miracle took place before our very eyes. It started off with a grand slam and ended with getting 10 runs in one inning. The jubilation that filled our hearts was almost too much to contain often expressing itself in flailing, raised arms; piercing shrieks; and erratic body movement. We won 11-6.

But perhaps the biggest highlight for me was being featured on the "Big Screen" during the game. This is how it came about...Before the game I, along with my friend Amber, were waiting outside the stadium to meet my friend who would join us. While waiting we noticed a camera. We discretely flocked to it and they asked us if we wanted to be on the big screen. Without hesitation we affirmed our acceptance to the task. They then told us to individually look into the camera, say our name, where we were from and what music we wanted to hear. We both immediately drew complete blanks on what to choose. They tried to help by suggesting Rihanna or Timberlake...I couldn't waste an opportunity like this on those artists. All I could think of was my recent encounter with Stevie Wonder and so that's what I chose and enthusiastically went before the camera. Amber did a separate take choosing good ol' Canadian , Bryan Adams. Then it all took place...halfway through the game our attention was directed to the big screen for the featured DJ...and then there I was proudly requesting my selection!! What a day!

Other highlights include:
~Eating a "footlong hotdog" that was actually a foot long and the indigestion that ensued
~Trying the "World Famous Garlic Fries" and the garlic breath that ensued coupled with the indigestion. They seriously just dump a pound of fresh crushed garlic on fries...it's like they are terrified of vampires entering the stadium or something
~Yelling at "Gomez", the Twins' centre fielder, trying to ask how old he was
~The wave...need I say more...it's the wave!!

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