Sunday, November 26, 2006

Feelin' Festive

Chances are I won't be finding this opportunity in Zambia...

A sudden burst of winter gave rise to the perfect opportunity to break out one of my "new" snappy Christmas sweaters and winter hat. I've saved two amazing sweaters to make their public reveal at a later date...get ready! And my new hat keeps my head roasty toasty on these blustery southern BC winter nights!


Madibelle said...

I love it!! If you moved up here.. or at least came and visited us you could wear your "snappy" sweaters on a daily basis!!!
love ya

Sam and Becky said...

Who is your fashion advisor? I just HAVE to get in touch with him!!!
Seriously...loving the sweater, and love-loving the funky hat...what's with all the snow there? At least it's giving you a chance to strut your stuff!
Love ya,

Loo said...

Shani! you are tooo much! soooo funny! love your festive sweater. reminds me of OUR matching sweaters! tee hee!! and the hot...gosh would Tyra ever be proud of you!!! SMOKIN'!!!